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  • 執筆者の写真Momoyo

Being on her/his own

We know that musicians need to spend many hours physically alone.

(Technically they are not.

If there were no music it will be hard to stay alone)

If musicians spend hours alone it's just because they need to be with the music.

When learning it is impossible to be with somebody else,

in fact even with their music teachers.

It is very important to face what is on the music stand, alone.

The day to convince listeners will come sooner or later.

The day when musicians are no more alone.

Why not celebrate, then, the loneliness with this terrible deadline?

Does she/he prefer the day when everything evaporates?

On the day of the concert?

Or does she/he prefer the sweet seclusion all on her/his own?

When everything is still in her/his hands?





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