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Sunday organ recital

I am one of the organists of the church of Finisterrae in Brussels. There is an organ built in 1856 in the church by Hyppolyte Loret, a Belgian builder from Brussels. The organ was silenced when it was damaged by water beacause of the fire, in 1970. The restauration came finally in 2000, thirty years later, partly because the church had its entire restauration. I came to Brussels when there was no church, no organ: it was in a room where we had masses in French, with its small positif organ with one manual and a pedal board, and Flemish masses were sang in St Nicolas church. The organ manufacture Thomas of Ster-Stavelot in Belgium restaured the organ with new langs (bellows), new bone structures (roller boards), some missing pipes and the bland new console (3 keyboards and a pedalboard), with 36 stops (36 differents sounds with 52 pipes each, minimum). We are happy to invite you to come and listen to this organ under fingers (and feet!) of Mme Helga Schauert, the great musician from Paris on SUNDAY 20 OCTOBER at 5 o'clock pm!! I am looking forward to seeing you!!





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