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  • 執筆者の写真Momoyo

A candy

Sitting in a classic concert is a strange experience.

Normally, once a work starts playing, you can't speak.

You can't make a sound - which is not written in that work.

You can, however, breathe.

I mean I had some experience of myself almost choking.

You can, by all means, smile.

But it's rare to see people smile during a concert, even if the performer smiles to his piano:

there is nothing to do with you... or not?

I realise people speak in a whisper, make some sound, breathe, smile and laugh, in Belgium, during a performance.

I had adopted much of life habits à la Wallon over twenty five years.

But not this, till this year.

I even have an experience of a Japanese stage manager in a concert hall in Tokyo telling me off because I talked to him five minutes before the concert (which I was about to play): that is the culture I am brought up by!

I LOVE Japan and I pray everyday for my country.

But that's not very human, that stage manager's manner!

I wonder if people are looking for something sacred, where there aren't.

I made some reactions for the first time, to my husband, during two films that we went to watch last month.

I enjoyed them a lot.

I did not know a politeness can kill the pleasure.

Question of not killing the pleasure of others.

But of course I have a candy in my bag, in case I choke, wanting to cough during concerts in autumn/winter - without cellophane wrapping.





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