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  • 執筆者の写真Momoyo

Practicing club for 100 days

I was trying to challenge 100 days

of keyboard exercises in summer.

It's a game to continue it everyday,

taking no single day off.

Musicians like Hilary Hahn must have

worked out strategies for how and where

before playing even one note,

as it's quite hard when one is not at home.

My record broke at the 37th day,

when I spent a day in the airports

and a hotel:

though there was a piano in

the Brussels ariport

and the hotel:

how to have a bravery to play

Hanon ?!, in front of all :)

I had used an appli on the smartphone

to keep track then, but it made things

even harder (I often forgot).

Today, the 1st of November 2019,

I retart the new 100 days challenge,

with just a calender and a pencil:

but on the bases of a common

project called


And we just

-practice an instrument or singing

-musical exercises

-musical works

-duration can vary (short or long practice) but,

-do it everyday.

Welcome to join us,

it will be fun doing it

with you all!






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